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Check out Jarvis Web Design's past business highlights. They include a chronological recap of all notable company achievements and client relationships.

  • Update

    April 2014

    A website update is a part of any website. Keeping content current helps keep the visitors coming.

    As Metrowest Vacuums expands their product lines, their website must follow. Jarvis Web Design is working on creating many new pages for these new products with photo manipulation and layout updates.

  • 300M

    January 2014

    M-Pressive needed a custom website to match the custom design of the car.

    Another custom car page is created as owner Keith's senior project for Champlain College. Using many skills developed over the years, this site is top notch! The finished product is now featured on the front page of the 300M Enthusasts Club website.

  • Marlborough Public Library

    November 2013

    A local library was in need of a few updates to their existing site.

    The Friends of Marlborough Public Library were in need of some site updates and contacted Jarvis Web Design for this quick upgrade. It was great to work with this new group and help them with their needs while keeping the end result in line with their overall theme.

  • Redesign

    August 2013

    Metrowest Vacuums wants n new design as they change the name of their company.

    Metrowest Vacuums returns for a complete site redesign. Looking to create a more professional and cohesive website this site is now fresh, clean, and informative!

  • Entrepreneur

    October 2012

    A local entrepreneur talks with Jarvis Web Design about a new project.

    Beginning conversations with a potential client about a new dog related retail endeavor. Looking forward to partnering with this company from the beginning.

  • Mercedes

    August 2012

    Our show car client list continues to grow. Up next will be Arctic Benz.

    The car will be ready for shows early next year and will debut a website that matches it's style at the same time. This website will highlight the transformation of the car and provide the owner with marketing exposure to satisfy industry sponsorship need.

  • Scorpion Soccer Logo

    May 2012

    Jarvis Web Design makes a donation to local soccer club.

    We are happy to have been asked to participate in the first annual Scorpion Soccer Club Golf and Auction Fundraiser. Our donation consisted of a variety of options that would fit any type of customer. We look forward to working with the lucky winner of our web service package.

  • Social Media

    April 2012

    The Social Media Buzz, and how it impacts your business.

    Accessing the Internet continues to be easier then ever. The popularity of social media is at an all time high. If you do not utilize social media exposure for your business you are missing out the potential customers that are a part of websites like Facebook, Google +, and Twitter. Let Jarvis Web Design create this buzz for you and your business.

  • Google Ad

    March 2012

    Google Ads successfully drive new business.

    The use of free GoogleAd credits offer great opportunity for Jarvis Web Design to create ads that target potential customers. When potential customers perform an Internet search and live within a certain radius of the business an ad eye catching ad will appear on the screen based on keywords. These ads have been driving new business and are a great way to expand your client base.

  • Coupon

    February 2012

    Responses to coupon mailings for Metrowest Vacuums are above industry standards.

    Metrowest Vacuums continues to utilize monthly mass emails to their customer base. These have included a variety of coupons, new product announcements, and repeat business opportunities. These campaigns have received a return rate that is above industry standards and continues to be extremely profitable for business.

  • Web Design

    January 2012

    Starting off 2012 by offering some new business strategies to customers.

    Jarvis Web Design now offers Google Ad development to meet your business needs. Bring the customers to you by utilizing this marketing tool. Google Ads target potential customers when they search key words relating to your business. They increase the traffic to your website.

  •  Mercedes Logo

    December 2011

    We are excited to announce a new website that is in the works. It will highlight a 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic. Stay tuned for details. will highlight the transformation of a new breed of show car. Using cutting edge designs the site will match the aggressive styling of the car. Stay tuned for the finished product once the car is complete and ready to show.

  • Social Media

    October 2011

    We are the leaders in Social Media exposure for your business. We can maintain your Facebook, Google + or Twitter account. Contact us for details.

    Jarvis Web Design will set up, maintain and promote your Social Media sites for your businesses. Marketing your business just got easier, let us handle the work for you and promote your business.

  • September 2011

    Metrowest Vacuums comes back to Jarvis Web Design for an email advertising campaign. The campaign was extremely successful and had a 26% open rate.

    Metrowest Vacuums wants to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and advertising. HTML coupon sheets have been designed for email blasts to their existing customer base.

  • August 2011

    Metrowest Vacuums signs on for a complete website redesign.

    Metrowest Vacuums was formerly using an e-shop site for their business and decided to move more towards an informative website. The aim of this refocus was to allow for increased customer service and enhanced shopping experiences while drawing customers into their Framingham store. The new site is crisp, easy to navigate, and contains a wealth of information for customers to educate themselves with and lead to purchases made at Metrowest Vacuums.

  • July 2011

    Wechter & Associates partners with Jarvis Web Design for a complete website redesign.

    Looking for an updated and fresh website to promote their services and products, Wechter & Associates collaborates with Jarvis Web Design on a complete redesign. Together, they utilized slider bars, maneuverable photo galleries, movie file conversions, and working contact page data. The end result is a clean, well organized website to bring Wechter & Associates to the top of their market.

  • June 2011

    A show car looking to get innovative marketing and advertising comes to Jarvis Web Design for a complete website build.

    Midnight Kompressor is a one of a kind, modified Mercedes-Benz show car and was looking for a way to engage car show attendees. Working with Jarvis Web Design allowed Midnight Kompressor to highlight the many successes it has achieved and introduce innovative tools like the QR Reader to create a more interactive experience for the car’s followers. This new marketing idea has proven successful for the car and allowed Midnight Kompressor to keep in contact with sponsors and supporters.

  • Spring 2011

    Jarvis Web Design becomes the newest expert in web design and beginns discussions with potential clients.

    Seeking to work independently, Keith Jarvis, starts Jarvis Web Design after classes taken at Champlain College. Aiming to grow the company is a top priority and will be achieved by successfully designing each client site, expanding company marketing procedures, and continuing to offer clients the most up to date designs and promotional tools. Having Lindsey Clarkson as marketing consultant and business manager aims to be a positive influence in creating customer relations and furthering Jervis Web Design.